Instructions for Presentation

  1. All presentations will be delivered using a VoD streaming service. Speakers will be asked to submit their pre-recorded presentation videos (15 mins/presentation) about two weeks prior to the virtual conference (details will be announced later). The presentation videos will be posted on Thursday 24th September and will remain available for viewing for a week. Note that only registered participants can access the videos and download the proceedings in PDF format.
  2. Poster presentations will not be held. Please consider presenting with VoD.
  3. Each presentation will be provided with a chat box for Question and Answer (Q&A). (You can upload image files or PDF files from the chat box to display equations or other necessary materials.) The chat box will also be open for one week starting Thursday 24th September, after the presentation videos have been posted. Questions and answers can be posted during the week and also during the interactive Q&A sessions mentioned below.
  4. Interactive Q&A sessions will be held in the morning of 25th or 26th September (Thailand time, GMT+7). The presentations will be divided into four groups with different core time for live Q&A. During this one-hour core time, the presenters are requested to monitor own chat box and answer questions. The groups and corresponding core times are listed below:

    Core time for the presenters to answer questions via chat (Interactive Q&A)
    Group 1 9 am – 10 am, Sept. 25 (Thailand time) Group 2 10 am – 11 am, Sept. 25 (Thailand time)
    Group 3 9 am – 10 am, Sept. 26 (Thailand time) Group 4 10 am – 11 am, Sept. 26 (Thailand time)
  5. In addition to the VoD presentations that are compulsory, live (real-time) presentations via a video conference system can be provisioned upon requests from OS organizers. (The organizer of each OS may conduct a survey in advance to see whether the speakers prefer live presentation in addition to the VoD presentation.)