Workshops & Tutorials Submission

The theme of workshops should focus on active areas of research and technology, in order to provide stimulating ideas for on-going and future topics. Tutorials should provide introduction on established fields of research and technology. The session can be half-day or full-day long. We encourage state of the art programs with high level of interest, impact, creativity, and innovation that will attract a broad audience. Workshops and tutorials focusing on academia-industry partnership and technology transfer are also welcome.


Submission (Workshops and Tutorials):

The proposals for workshops or tutorials must be accompanied with the following information:

  • Title;
  • Type of session (workshop or tutorial);
  • Main Organizer (one person only, address, phone, and email);
  • Co-organizers (address and email);
  • Statement of objectives;
  • Intended audience;
  • List of speakers;
  • List of topics.

The proposals must be submitted through Papercept by the due date. Upon approval the organizers will be asked to produce and maintain a dedicated workshop/tutorial webpage which shall be used to disseminate updated information on the workshop/tutorial and also to raise interest from potential additional presenters and participants. The organizers will also be required to collect and integrate workshop/tutorial abstract (A4 size, 1page) in due time for the production of the SICE 2020 handout.

Workshops and Tutorial Registration Fee

The participation in a workshop or tutorial requires pre-registration according to the following registration fees depending on whether the registrant is a participant of SICE 2020 Conference.

Registration Category Participants of SICE 2020 Conference Non-participants of SICE 2020 Conference
Full day registration fees 7,000 JPY 14,000 JPY
Half day registration fees 3,000 JPY 6,000 JPY

The revenue from the participation fees will partly be used to cover the cost for the venue and relevant expenses. It is expected that about 50% of the workshop/tutorial revenue could be allocated for providing honorarium to the workshop/tutorial organizers.