SICE International Young Authors Award

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The Society for Measurement and Control Engineers (SICE) aims to be the leading society in the field of measurement, control and system integration, with a global presence. More specifically, its aims are to strengthen collaboration with related organizations and support them for globalization, and also to foster young people who will lead the next generation in the field. As part of that, we have established the SICE International Young Authors Award (hereinafter referred to as SIYA) to encourage young researchers from Japan to carry out academic research and support their international activities.

We are looking for candidates for SIYA from the speakers of the SICE Annual Conference 2020 (SICE2020). We are looking forward to receiving applications from researchers who meet the application requirements listed below.

Winner of SICE International Young Authors Award

Winner Paper number Schedule code Nominee Affiliation Title
190 SaAT16.5 Wada, Sota Tokyo City University Model Predictive Formation Control for Quadcopters with Towing Cables

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Qualification Requirements

Applicants for this award shall meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Japanese nationality
  • 35 years old or younger (at the time of presentation)
  • Have not won this award in the past SICE Annual Conferences.
  • The applicant shall be the first author and make a presentation at SICE2020
  • Have SICE membership qualification (except for corporate organization’s supporting membership qualification), otherwise the applicant must apply for it by the time of presentation

Number of Winners

Up to 20 people

How to apply

An applicant should apply for the award at the final paper submission via Papercept.

Application deadline for SIYA-SICE2020: Monday, July 20, 2020 Saturday, August 1, 2020

Award results

The winners will be announced on SICE 2020 website.


Please contact the following address for inquiries regarding this award:

Replace (at) with @.

SIYA-SICE2020 Award Committee