Student Registration Grant Award (SRGA) [Cancelled]

We encourage students form the ASEAN countries to apply for this Student Registration Grant Award (SRGA). This grant award will provide financial assistance to cover the registration fee for students who intend to give a presentation at SICE2020.

Qualification Requirements

Applicants for this award shall meet the following requirements, as of July 1, 2020:

  • Must be an undergraduate or a postgraduate student
  • Must reside in one of the ASEAN countries
  • Must be enrolled at a college or a university in ASEAN countries
  • Must give a presentation at SICE2020

Number of Winners

Up to 20 people

How to apply

Prepare the following information and materials, and submit them via Papercept.

  1. Final paper in PDF format
  2. Name of presenter
  3. Applicant’s date of birth and age
  4. Supervisor’s name and affiliation

It should be noted that an applicant is eligible to receive only one award during SICE2020.

Application deadline for SRGA-SICE2020: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Award results

The award committee will judge applications based on the paper quality. Winners will be announced and awarded at the closing ceremony of the conference. At this point, each winner will be requested to submit a copy of his/her student ID. After the closing ceremony, the results will be posted on SICE HP.

Application / Contact

Please contact the following address for inquiries regarding this award:

Replace (at) with @.

SRGA-SICE2020 Award Committee